What we do

Learning and Education

Our education and learning activities encourage our members to make bold choices about funding social movements, building new relationships with social justice organisations and cross-class allies, and using our voices to call for redistribution.

We host workshops and discussions called praxis, that educate young people with wealth and/or class privilege about the roots of inequality and build our capacity to take individual and collective action. Praxis is a small group of people who come together to learn and involves meeting monthly in person, over a course of six sessions. If you would like to take part in these sessions get involved here. We have also created and collected resources for our members around wealth inequality in the UK.

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Supporting movements

We are not a funder or a grant-making organisation, but we encourage our members to support the work of grassroots social movements in the UK by moving their money in response to both urgent and ongoing needs, showing up in person for movement events and demonstrations, and sharing resources that we have access to.

We envision a world where wealth, land and power are equitably redistributed. Where the climate crisis is averted. Where everyone has what they need for a fulfilling existence and there is an end to economic exploitation and endemic inequality. We want to work alongside and amplify the power of existing movements for social and economic justice and, acknowledging the racialised accumulation of wealth, especially those challenging white supremacy.

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Transforming Philanthropy

At Resource Justice, we recognise that the current system of philanthropy reproduces many of our society’s entrenched power dynamics, particularly around coloniality, race, class, disability and gender.

For those of us within Resource Justice who have access to philanthropic spaces, we take what we learn in Praxis and from grass-roots activists to advocate for change. We address accountability, transparency, and the radical transformation of distribution of wealth through social justice philanthropy and giving.

We believe that people facing structural oppression are the experts in knowing how and where money should be spent, and we work to challenge the existing patterns of power that enable the funder to be in control.

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